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Why I first had hypnotherapy

I ground my teeth in my sleep for 4 years before I finally found a solution to my problem through hypnotherapy. I had tried everything; a night guard from my dentist, trying to 'relax' with yoga and meditation and I even went and had 'dry needling' (which did help the physical symptoms) before my friend and amazing sports massage therapist (who did the dry needling) suggested hypnotherapy.

I had a total of 6 sessions in 2020 and for me, that was enough to not only eliminate the grinding but also to bring a new level of peace and understanding of my mental health. I had lots of talk therapy in my teens for various mental health issues and I really felt like I knew why I did what I did and why I felt like I felt.

The truth was, I was putting on a positive front whilst having a lot of unprocessed trauma that was coming out when I went to sleep. Hypnotherapy allowed me to feel the muscles of my jaw relax and I genuinely felt like they were 'unwinding' as my therapist spoke to me.

Because of how amazing and life-changing I found hypnotherapy for myself, I decided to train myself. I trained with CPHT to complete a Level 4 Diploma in Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy from April 2021 until January 2022 and still regularly find myself gob-smacked at the amazing results of hypnotherapy.

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