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What to expect at an initial consultation

When I see a client for the first time, we do what is called an 'initial consultation' which is different to the usual therapy sessions. This is a free session that can be done in person or online for us both to work out if I am the best therapist to help you.

The initial consultation will begin with me taking some details, usual things like your name, contact details and why you have decided to come and see me. We will also speak about other symptoms you might be having that you might not even realise are related to stress, for example, IBS, migraines and trouble sleeping.

After we have got all that information, I will then go onto explain a bit about how the brain works and why you might be experiencing anxiety, anger or depression and what parts of the brain this comes from. I will do lots of fun drawings as well as speaking about sleep and a metaphor that we use a lot; your 'stress bucket'.

Finally we will talk a bit about hypnosis and how it works. At the end of this initial consultation, I will give you a notebook for you to write 'what's been good' each day, as well as the therapy agreement. You will also get an email of my hypnotherapy recording.

You can either book your first appointment then and there or you can go away and have a think about it and give me a call or book online when you are ready.

What are you waiting for? Book a free initial consultation today!

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