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What solutions can I offer?

Creating a Better You

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Hypnotherapy is now considered one of the most effective treatments for depression. Being solution-focused, we focus on solving the problems and work on what you want to live a happier life, one step at a time.

Most of us will deal with stress and anxiety at some point in our lives but sometimes we can get to a point where it affects our quality of life. Hypnotherapy can help you to relieve stress and be calm, confident and in control.

Happy Man

Calm Pregnancy & Childbirth (Hypnobirthing)

Hypnobirthing has become very popular due to the evidence that it helps to reduce labour time and reported pain. We will work together to teach you the tools to have a calm birthing experience.


Hypnotherapy can also empower you to make the choices that will make your birthing experience right for you, your baby and your birthing partner.


Stop Smoking

I myself stopped smoking through this method after 15 years of being a smoker. Together, we can work to understand the inner conflict that smokers have in their brain between wanting to smoke and hating it too and helping you quit for good.

Woman Holding Cigarette

Weight Management

We can work to help you to understand what causes weight gain and obesity before working in a solutions focused way to put you back in control. Hypnotherapy can help you to change the neural pathways to achieve your fat loss goals.

Checking Weight


If you struggle with a phobia such as spiders, rodents, flying,  dentists, or needles; hypnotherapy can help. Free yourself and live your life unbothered by your fear.

Image by Nicolas Picard

Sports Performance

Hypnosis has been used to improve sports performance for decades, from Mohammed Ali to Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods. They have all used hypnotherapy to help with focus, build confidence and help them visualize success. 


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) 

Hypnotherapy can support you to reduce or even remove all symptoms of IBS because it is so closely linked to stress. Stress is often the cause of IBS or can make symptoms worse.

Stomach Pain


If you feel like your alcohol use has become a problem or you are relying on addictive substances or behaviours to get you through the day, hypnotherapy can support you to relieve stress and change unwanted behaviors. 

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Teeth grinding (bruxism)

I first had hypnotherapy because I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and it then inspired me to train as a hypnotherapist. If you grind your teeth, you may get pain in your face or jaw, headaches or earache. Over time, you may damage your teeth. Hypnosis helps to get to the route of the problem and resolve the underlying issues which cause bruxism.

Image by engin akyurt

Chronic Pain

Hypnosis has been proven to help reduce the perception of pain to support with pain management. It can actually slow or inhibit the transmission of pain messages in the brain.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Trauma can come in many forms and through hypnosis, we have the benefit of accessing the subconscious mind. We also don't need to talk about what happened and work through it without going over memories.

Image by Ben Hershey

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 

OCD can take over your life and through solutions focused work, you lead the process and come up with your own solutions at your own pace to manage your life better.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


Set and achieve goals and feel amazing in the process. Many clients come to me feeling imposter syndrome and leave feeling their best self.

Image by George Bohunicky
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